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Growing Lifelong Learners Since 1972

Is Wingra a Good Choice for My Family?

Wingra appeals to parents who want their kids to be excited about school and learning. Our families have a high regard for education; many parents themselves are educators.

Parents who choose Wingra are oftentimes self-starters, good thinkers, and involved community members—people who think off the page and are willing to explore alternatives.

Independent Thinkers

Wingra parents have to develop confidence in a system that's different from how they were taught. We don't give grades here. We don't give tests and we deliberately de-emphasize assessments that compare one student's progress with that of another.

In an era of high-stakes standardized tests and education defined in terms of outcome rather than process, Wingra School stands apart.

When our school was founded, mixed-age classrooms and integrated thematic instruction were not the norm in most schools. We have stayed true to our founders' intent. Respect for the individual learner and respect for childhood remain cornerstones of our mission.

People need to know this is an option that's worth investigating and believing in.
—Larry Frank, former Wingra parent


There is a strong sense of community at Wingra. Our families tend to be those who are willing to make sacrifices and trade-offs for their kids to be here, not only in dollars, but in time as well. Parents who choose Wingra enjoy being part of a strong community.

We never imagined we'd send our kids to a private school. We resisted it for so many reasons - political, financial, emotional. I had this sense that people who send their kids to private school weren't people I would care to know. Instead we have found a warm and comfortable community for our kids and for ourselves. Tuition is a major stretch for many families, but the kind of education our kids are getting is worth it. There really is a difference.
—Jill Maidenberg, former Wingra parent

Financial Priorities

Many families are attracted to Wingra School for its excellent teaching and strong sense of community. Often the only deterrent is the cost of tuition. Few families can afford the cost of an independent school education without a major shift in financial priorities and planning. Many Wingra families have chosen to adjust their spending and maximize both parents' earnings in order to give their children's education a very high priority.