Students work in the glen


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Art Program

Each classroom spends creative time in the Art Room once a week for 60 to 75 minutes. Students collaborate on the planning and development of art projects. At the beginning of the year they are asked what they would like to try in art, and their ideas are integrated into Wingra's art curriculum.

During each 3 to 6 week unit, students are given the support, advice, and training they need to complete their own art projects. Many choose to work on one work of art for the entire unit, while others will produce several pieces.

Classes may go on field trips to museums, galleries, or art studios. For example, during a unit on ceramics, students visited Lakeside Pottery Studios and learned how to make bowls on the potter's wheel.

Our art curriculum encourages students to follow their interests and develop an appreciation for the art of different cultures.

Students are encouraged to follow their interests in art as they help develop the units of study. Unit activities expose students to a wide variety of visual and performing arts (expressive and material culture). They develop an understanding of the breadth of art and culture from around the world by exploring both past movements in art history and contemporary trends.

Students are given studio time to explore a wide range of media and create works of art and are encouraged to develop their personal art vocabulary and to express themselves in art by giving meaning to objects. Students also have opportunities to collaborate with their peers on art projects and to share their art work in school, neighborhood, and community exhibitions.

Our students are taught art in a safe, nurturing environment where they can develop their own aesthetics. Through their work, they learn the value of freedom of expression and acquire an appreciation for the responsibility that comes with freedom of expression.

Photo by Marieka Greene