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Spanish Program

We recognize the importance of learning foreign languages at the earliest age possible. In an increasingly globalizing community, we believe it is important for all students to learn the value of other languages at a young age. Therefore, all students receive instruction in Spanish one to three times per week.

In the primary grades, the goal of our Spanish program is for students to gain exposure to the language and build basic vocabulary. Students learn Spanish through contextualized units that relate to their daily experiences. Games, songs, and theater are also used to familiarize students with Spanish.

At the older levels, students begin a more complex study of Spanish grammar and work towards competence in all four communication modes: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our goal is for our Spanish students to pass into Spanish 2 as ninth graders.

All students are also exposed to the culture and history of the Spanish-speaking world. Traditions, cuisine, music, and art are all examples of how students learn about Hispanic culture. As they grow older, students begin to examine culture and history through the lens of political and social issues.

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