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Growing Lifelong Learners Since 1972

Daily Schedule

A typical day at Wingra has a flow to it that children come to know and expect. Each classroom has its own rhythm, but there are similarities across the school in how a Wingra School student's day unfolds.

8:30–8:45: Student Arrival. Arrival time at Wingra is a gentle transition from home to school. This is a time for children and teachers to greet each other and start organizing the day's work. A Morning Message welcomes the children by sharing an activity, a special highlight of the day, or a priority for the morning.

8:45: Morning Meeting. Morning meetings are an important part of every Wingra classroom. It is a time to meet together as a community and begin the day. Younger classrooms begin with a greeting, game, song, or book. Older classrooms look over the schedule of the day and the student plan sheet together. It's often a time for discussion.

9:00–10:00: Morning Worktime. Morning activities are usually related to the unit. Activities may be individual, in small groups, or with the whole class. Snack is available during this worktime, for students of all ages.

10:00–10:30: Physical Activity or Free Play. Most mornings, classes take time for team-building games, to learn and improve physical skills, and for free play.

10:30–11:45: Worktime. Many classrooms have mathematics or reading during this time. This is also a common time for weekly library visits or working on computer technology projects.

  • Band: On Thursday, students age 9 and up may participate in band rehearsal and small group music lessons throughout the day.
  • Check-In: On Thursday and Friday, students in the older classrooms meet individually with teachers. They discuss the week's assignments and projects to assess each student's progress.

11:45–12:45: Recess and Lunch. All students have recess together, followed by lunch. Traditionally, Monday is Pizza Day, delivered by Glass Nickel Pizza. Friday is Hot Lunch Day, cooked up at the Willy Street Co-op and served by Wingra School parents.

12:45–1:15: Quiet Time. Classrooms begin the afternoon with quiet time. In the primary rooms, children can also choose to finish a piece of work, play quiet games, or do self-initiated art projects. Fix and Finish is a Wingra term for a flexible worktime offered on some days for children to revise and/or finish a piece of classroom work.

1:15–3:00: Afternoon Worktime and Classes. Afternoon work can be unit-related, or it may include a Specials class: Art, Spanish, Music, or Technology.


  • Choir meets.
  • Learning partners meet at 1:15. Older and younger students pair up and read together.
  • Friday Follies: Once a month, everyone gathers at 2:00 in the gym for a variety show of music, projects, and performances.
  • Friday afternoon alternatives include In-Room Choice, All-School Games, and All-School Choice, a favorite Wingra tradition in which students choose from a wide range of activities offered throughout the whole school.

3:00–3:15: Clean-up and Read-Aloud. Students take turns with clean-up responsibilities around the classroom. Afterwards everyone gathers as a group to reflect on the day and enjoy the current read-aloud book. Students of every age come to know and love this relaxing way to end the school day.

3:15: Good-bye. Teachers say good-bye to the students at the door in many classrooms. This is a time for positive comments, a hug, or a farewell handshake.

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