Growing Lifelong Learners Since 1972

University Connections

We have a long tradition of hosting preservice teachers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and from Edgewood College. Often education majors come to Wingra to observe the school as part of their classwork and ultimately ask to be placed at Wingra for their practicum or student-teaching semesters in order to learn more about this progressive way of teaching and learning. The preservice teachers see how our teachers take cooperation to a new level through their team teaching.

Our teachers mentor the student teachers in hands-on learning by supporting them in hands-on teaching. Our staff serve on the University of Wisconsin Clinical Associates Committee, which fosters communication between the UW Education program and schools that serve as hosts.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has been at the forefront of recent innovations in K-12 math curricula, including the development of Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) and the Mathematics in Context (MIC) program, both now widely used and successful math curricula. Through their training at UW, our teachers at the primary level were exposed to CGI early in its development, quickly recognized its value and compatibility with the Wingra philosophy, and adopted it as a component of the math program at Wingra.

Because a Wingra parent was part of the development team for Mathematics in Context, our teachers were asked to pilot several of the units. Math educators from the Netherlands, partners in the development of Mathematics in Context, visited Wingra School to observe and help with implementation and evaluation. Several Wingra teachers have participated in professional development related to the curriculum, including Allen Cross, a Wingra senior classroom teacher, who took part in intensive training at the Freudenthal Institute in the Netherlands.