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Who Can Answer Your Questions

You have questions? We have answers! Consult this list to find out who can best help you.

Wingra staff email addresses are

The school phone number is 608-238-2525.

Check with your child’s classroom teachers if you have a question or concern related to

  • Your child’s classroom (daily schedule, field trips, etc.)
  • Your child’s experience at school (class work, interactions with others, a conflict, or problem)
  • Curriculum at your child’s level

Check with Mary Campbell, Interim Head of School, if you have questions related to

  • School policies, realms of authority/decision making
  • Long-range planning and building projects
  • Independent schools/progressive education (wider context)
  • Board of Trustees

Check with Rachel Weinberg, Admissions & Program Coordinator, if you have questions related to

  • Admissions
  • School program (big picture curriculum, extra-curricular activities, progressive education at Wingra)
  • An incident with your child that required a report

Check with Elizabeth Garcia, Administrative Secretary, if you have questions related to

  • Attendance/school day appointments
  • School-day medication
  • Hot lunch/pizza
  • Snack

Check with Bonnie Schey, Business Manager, if you have a questions related to

Check with Rebekah Young, Communications & Marketing Coordinator, if you have questions related to

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